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Software to plot and analyze Bode diagrams (both real and asymptotic)

ScreenShots from the Italian version


If you want to register WinBode, make a small donation, please.

  • fast function insertion, in any format: polynomials forms, Bode's form, factorized form, zeros and poles, time constants, and mixed forms
  • lets to compare real and asymptotic diagrams and to measure the approximation error
  • analysis tools:
    • markers for the identification of modulus and phase (and the differences between real and approximate diagrams) under the mouse pointer
    • computation of exact values at the chosen frequency, pulsation or period
    • optional markers at 0dB and 180° (mod 360°), for stability analysis in closed loop
    • poles and zeros are marked on the frequency ruler
  • frequency in rad/s or Hz
  • linear or logarithmic (dB) module
  • phase in rad or deg
  • data saving and exporting
  • diagrams printing

ScreenShots from the Italian version


You can find the following instructions even in the on-line help of WinBode.

WinBode traces automatically true and asymptotic Bode diagrams of any F(s) function of the complex pulsation. The push-buttons under the menu allow to insert and to edit the function:

ScreenShots from the Italian version

  • ZERO and POLE adds one complex root.
  • The two buttons Re (and the keys Z and P on the keyboard) are useful when you want to type only the real part, however you can do it even with the previous buttons typing 0 for the imaginary part.
  • X and E respectively allow to delete and to edit the zero/pole selected in the list.
  • In the case of complex zeros/poles the correspondent conjugated is automatically added, deleted and edited.
  • NUM and DEN add to those existing the roots of a term of any degree at the numerator or denominator.
  • In the Top-Right there is the gain. With the button K/µ you can chose between static (poles-zeri) and dynamic (Bode form) coefficient.
  • To edit the gain click in the left half (real part) or in the right half (imaginary part) of the box.

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